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Hello it's been a while, here are some of my old pictures. My friend Franz reminded me of my blog.

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Me and Laurice

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I have created a new photo blog.

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Ethel and Brigette
Me and Cindy

Aries from Friendster.

The Bottom Line

Get ready for a day full of new experiences and action! Take a leadership role.

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When you're determined to have some totally impetuous fun (and when aren't you?), there's absolutely no way to dissuade you from your chosen path. That goes double when the company you're in happens to be someone you're absolutely sure will go along for the ride. At the moment, however, you're a bit torn: between doing what's right and letting the more impulsive side of your nature hold the reins. What a decision!


Yehey magsisimula na ang Elementary Japanese ko.

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Approach this problem the way you approach conflict. Don't fix what isn't broken.

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It's never easy to convince someone you're not really close to that you mean what you say, even if you've said it and meant it to a thousand other people a thousand times before, and they can all vouch for you. The first time a new person hears it from you and then sees that you really will keep the promise you've made -- that's what counts. For now, don't worry if someone you want to impress isn't quite ready to be impressed. Just keep the promise you made. Hey, it's a start.
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--- I got this article from my email.


IT IS AN INESCAPABLE fact of life that morons
outnumber intellectuals in this tiny space called

For thousands of UP students, alumni, and
supporters who converged at the Araneta Coliseum
last Saturday, the outcome of the UAAP
Cheerdance competition was a solid proof that
nitwits rule this planet.

Yes, I am referring to the judges who gave higher
scores to the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe
despite a more impressive, far superior and totally
awesome performance by the University of the
Philippines Pep Squad.

The judges decision to award the title to the
denizens of Espaa Street was despicable and
mirrored their contemptible lack of taste. If you
couldnt make a clear distinction between a
brilliant and a second-rate presentation, then you
neither have right nor privilege judging a hotly
contested competition such as this.

Salinggawis performance last year was superb.
They deserved the win. I agree.

However, UP Pep Squads inimitable, breathtaking,
and near…