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Takasahi's Human Mystery

At last, I have understood this week's commercial that was being broadcasted every lunchtime in the office.

Canon presents Takashi's Human Mystery in Asahi TV.

Today I watched this Special Presentation even though I only understand some japanese words.

This presentation presented different super senses, as they call it, of a human being.

As they present each super senses, the special guests on the show were also tested for this super senses to see if they also got this abilities. So I also took the auditory and visual tests at home thinking that I may have those super senses.

My score on the visual test was good. One of the tests was  a spinning ball with numbers on it is going towards you. You need to list the numbers you have seen on it. Another test was, numbers is flashed on screen for a moment. The same with the test before you have to list the numbers.

With the auditory test I think that is difficult. Will you be able to know the exact amount of the coins w…

Nikko de tabemashita


cold desu ne

10 degrees celsius na sa Kawasaki.


ang tagal ng telepono

At last, Canon Powershot S3 IS

Here are some of the pictures I taken using my new Canon Powershot S3 IS. Maybe I need to buy another 1 GB SD card. These pictures have an average size of almost 1.75 MB.

First week in Japan

Tonight Ms. Meann left me walking alone to our dorm. She will sleep tonight with her friends in the city. It's a miracle I got home without getting lost.

I asked permission from her if I can borrow her laptop so that I can watch some english films. But, sugoi, I have stolen some internet access. And now I am using it.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Akihabara with my friends to buy our own desires. "P.

Ang hirap mag-order ng pagkain.

Jayson, Ethel, Janina, Rex, Grace, Christabel, Laurice, Sir JP
- nasa Japan ako ngayon.

Karu-sennin, kumusta na.

Flor-chan, don't forget me.

flor flor


1st Work Christmas Party in McDonalds


I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Photo Blog Updated

I updated my photo blog.

Pictures on this photo blog can also be seen on this gallery.

Alipin - Shamrock

Di ko man maamin
Ikaw ay mahalaga sa akin
Di ko man maisip
Sa pagtulog ikaw ang panaginip
Malabo man ang aking pag-iisip
Sana’y pakinggan mo ang sigaw nitong damdamin

Ako’y alipin mo kahit hindi batid
Aaminin ko minsan ako’y manhid
Sana ay iyong naririnig
Sayong yakap ako’y nasasabik

Ayoko sa iba
Sayo  ako ay hindi magsasawa
Ano man ang iyong sabihin
Umasa ka ito ay diringgin
Madalas man na parang aso’t pusa
Giliw sa piling mo ako ay masaya

Pilit mang abutin ang mga tala
Basta’t sa akin wag kang mawawala

Ako’y alipin mo kahit hindi batid
Aaminin ko minsan ako’y manhid
Sana ay iyong naririnig
Sayong yakap ako’y nasasabik
Pagkat ikaw lang ang nais makatabi
Malamig man o mainit ang gabi
Nais ko sana iparating na ikaw lamang
Ang siyang aking iibigin

Life is Like a Boat - Rei Fu

Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along
Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on comin' and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you thru another day

Tooku de iki wo shiteru
Toumei ni natta mitai
Kurayami ni omaeta kedo
Mekakushi sareteta dake

Inori wo sasagete
Atarashii hi wo matsu
Azayaka ni hikaru umi
Sono hate made

Nobody knows who I really am
Maybe they just don't give a damn
But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong

Hito no kokoro wa utsuri yuku
Nugedashitaku naru
Tsuki wa mata atarashii shuuki de
Fune wo tsureteku

And every time I see your face,
The oceans heave up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
And soon I can see the shore

Oh, I can see the shore
When will I see the shore?

I want you to know who I really am
I never thought I'd feel this way towards you
And if you ever need som…

My place that will become old soon

This is my place that will be vacated soon.

Marlon's old place

Marlon, my friend, ito na yung pictures na nirequest mo.

Yearbook Waiting

Still waiting for our yearbook. But here is my page in the yearbook.
Click the photo to enlarge.

For more yearbook contents you can visit

Wanting to buy a New Camera

I want to buy a new digital camera, A Canon PowerShot IS. But it is a very expensive camera and yet I still I want to buy. Maybe I am becoming a camera freak. This is a PowerShot S2 IS.

PowerShot S2 IS

This coming May, they will be releasing an update to PoweShot S2 IS. I hope I can afford the newer version. And I wish they are not telling lies that they will really release this new version this month.

PowerShot S3 IS

For more information about Canon Digital Cameras.

Elmer, you're a German Shepherd!

No bones, about it, you're a loyal, hard-working German Shepherd. Dedicated and always low-maintenance, people flock to you — they know they can count on you to get any job done, and done well. That focus and attention to detail spans from your personal to your professional life, too. Although you can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the projects you tackle, you still manage to keep cool and laid-back in social situations. You get a kick out of the little things and thrive when you're constantly busy and on-the-go. Easygoing and unpretentious, you don't need constant pampering and reassurance. A genuine, carefree pup, you're a true-blue friend, employee, and partner. Woof!

What Breed of Dog Are You?

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I Lost

Last April 10, I lost the girl I met back in college. She is now married with another guy.

Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a story
It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying

It takes a thought to make a word
And it takes a word to make an action
It takes some work to make it work
It takes some good to make it hurt
It takes some bad for satisfaction

La la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life is full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Al la la la la

It takes a night to make it dawn
And it takes a day to you yawn brother
It takes some old to make you young
It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other

It takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what love is
It takes some fears to make you trust
It takes those tears to make it rust
It takes some dust to make it polished

Ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life is full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is so full of

Lost be upon that coffee shop

This post is not intended to put the products of this coffee shop, with a star on its name, in bad shape but its poor management.

Yesterday, I, with my sisters, met my auntie at this coffee shop at SM Fairview. Since my auntie was still having conversation with her friends, they decided to have some coffee.

They offered us to buy something to drink but I do not drink coffee, so I just bought some food on another store.
After buying the food, we started eating. Suddenly this security guard came out, I do not know where, and told me that we are not allowed to it there. By the way the food I bought was a pizza.

Nobody has ever stopped me from eating another stores' product inside other branches of this coffee shop or any food establishments. I have been humiliated.

So my auntie asked this guard why, and he answered  because they have been issued a memo before. What ??

I would have accepted that it is my fault if before I came in that coffee shop and saw a sign saying…


darn 2(därn)interj. Used to express dissatisfaction or annoyance. adv. & adj. Damn. tr.v.darned, darn·ing, darns To damn.


It has been a while since the last time I posted. And this is how I say "HI again".

Many things have passed that I was not able to post because of unseen circumstances, which I will not write anymore. If I will, everything will be rendered irrelevant.

But here it goes. Since the former Jedi left, the Androids have bombarded us, the Philippine team, with defects.

On the early weeks of bombardment, I thought of it as a challenging adventure which I have to decipher and develop a remedy to stay on track.

One day, one of my associates was sent on a journey to the land of the Droids as spy for our team. He have been there for a month or more now and continues to inject us with information from the master androids' thoughts.

Next week our two team mates will be joining him.

Getting back in developing a remedy, I have not been so…

My Life as a Movie

Erotic ThrillerYou've made your own rules in life - and sometimes that catches up with you.

Winding a web of deceit comes naturally, and no one really knows the true you.

Your best movie matches: Swimming Pool, Unfaithful, The CrushIf Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?


You Are 64% AbnormalYou are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.

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You are at high risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is very likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.How Abnormal Are You?

You Should Learn Japanese

You Should Learn JapaneseYou're cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.

From Engrish to eating contests, you're born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!What Language Should You Learn?


I faced so many conflicts back in college and I think this song will describe one part of it.

by Marty Casey

I dont want to go through this life
Without you by my side.

And I've got it all worked out
In my head here's how it's got to be.

It'll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers.

(That's right.)

We will make believe
In a world we rule together.

We can build our dreams
With the knot tied tight(?) to last forever.

It'll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers.

It'll be you and I up in the sky
It's a combination for disaster.

(yeahyeahyeah..) We got one shot -
So where do we go from here?

It'll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers.

It'll be you and I up in the sky
It's a combination for disaster.

And I know there's more for us in this life....


This is one of my all-time favorite songs because back in college there are times I felt lonely and homeless. But being with someone I felt I am home.

My friend Dandred  also do love this song, unfortunately he doesn't have a copy of this song - the music itself.

Lucky for me after months of deciding to buy or not a Michael Buble CD, I did not buy. Instead I found out that this song was already included in the Disc 1 of "Piano Love Songs Volume 2" album released by Warner Music Phils. , which my father bought last year.

by Michael Buble

Another summer day
Is come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you…

My Movie Review

User review:
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Posted by: Elmer Segui
Location: Quezon City
Date posted: 1/12/2006 1:32:26 AM


Since it has been previewed on movie houses, I kept on wishing that on the weekend to come is the showing day of Chronicles of Narnia.

When it was shown, As expected its effects was spectacular -- music, background, fight scene and specially the talking animals.

Somehow I was disappointed with some of the lines used in the film because it were simplified. There some lines I have been waiting to hear based on the book, but I did not hear it.

Still is it a very very good film. This film should be watched by the whole family.

My rating is 4 Stars

Any violent and disturbing reactions?

review approved

Last week, I tried to write a movie review about the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe -- hoping that they will published it.

Wow, and they did it.

It's nice to see your own movie review published on the internet, even though I have some flaws using the English language in writing.

Before, I  used to give opinions (during ambush interview) about the things happening in the campus, back in college. Never believed that they will published it, but just like this one they did it.

If only I had a quality engineer by my side to check my mistakes, I could have written a better movie review.

Now that I know that they really approved one's movie review, I think I should start writing movie review since I have been watching movies everyweek.

AnoGeisha wa donata desu ka

Geisha, Geisha where are you?
Where are you?

Pictures were lifted on clickthecity.


Orange & Lemons

Nakaw tingin
Sumasabay sa hangin
Sabihin mo sa akin
Anong kailangan kong gawin
Upang malapitan,mamasdan at mahawakan
Taglay mong kagandahan

Abot kamay ang langit
Gayumang taglay ng awit
Abot kamay ang langit
Abot kamay ang langit
Haplos na dala ng tinig
Abot kamay ang langit

Nais kong abutin
Kislap ng mga bituin
Samyo ng umaga sa hardin
Anong kailangan kong gawin
Upang malapitan,mamasdan at mahawakan
Taglay mong kagandahan

[ Chorus ]

Story that I can relate to.

Do only UP students experience this?

Taga-UP ka nga, Olats naman
by: kayish

Alam kong mataas ang expectations ng mga tao sa mga taga-UP pero sana naman ay huwag nilang makalimutan na tao rin kami; na tao rin tayo. Siguro minsan nadidisappoint sila sa atin pero hindi sapat na dahilan yon para hamakin nila tayo kung meron man tayong hindi kayang gawin.

Hindi madaling iimpress ang mommy ko although alam kong naaappreciate naman nya ang effort at achievements ko kahit papaano. Hindi sapat sa kanya na matalino lang ang isang tao, dapat masipag din. Alam ko yon at nauunawaan ko ang ibig sabihin noon. Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay kung bakit laging nadadamay ang pagiging taga-UP ko sa aking mga kakulangan at kung bakit kapag nakakagawa ako ng kasalanan ay lahat ng mga nag-aaral sa UP e nasisisi rin. Nadadamay pa tuloy ang mga schoolmates ko. Parati pa akong ikinukumpara sa mga taga-ibang school. Ang pagpasa ko sa UPCAT ay hindi na…

Memoirs of Geisha

This sweeping romantic epic begins in the years before WWII when a penniless Japanese child is torn from her family to work as a maid in a geisha house. Despite a treacherous rival who nearly breaks her spirit, the girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri (Zhang Ziyi).

-- as described in clickthecity

I can't wait to watch this film.

Does geisha still exist in Japan? Will I find one there? Will see.

nada moments 6

nagpunta kami disneyland. nakapicture ko si pinochio, yung gumawa sa kanya yung matanda, si mickey, si minnie, si scrudge mcduck, tapos dalawa pa di ko kilala :D
     - wei
“sino? uncle scrudge?
     - nada

nagbago na kayo ng project code, no?
     - ty (independent reviewer)
ah oo.  hindi na pala c-00005, c-00097 na ngayon
     - franz
kaya pala hindi na gumagana filter ko, nababasa ko na emails niyo.
     - ty

5s is da best!
kaya para tanggal stress, tayo na't mag-5s!"
     - message from jabi

nag-theater ka ba nung college ka?
     - rac
hindi po
     - elmer
bakit naman?
     - me-ann
kasi sabi nila, pag sumali ka daw dun, mawawala virginity mo
     - elmer

wei, ano codename mo?
     - agape
     - wei

done na ako, done ka na?
     - anonymous magic player

sheryll! 1 + 1?
     - marvin
     - sheryll
1 + 1! magellan!
     - marvin
hihihihihihihihihihi ang corny mo! hihihihihihihihi"
     - sheryll


Objectives 2006

Happy New Year to everyone!

This is one of my objectives I wrote down on the HRD's Objectives document for this year.

* To be obedient to your immediate supervisors without fearing any change. :p

So how does I measure my obedience, I do not know.

It seems an unmeasurable objective. But It is so hard to think of an objective that can be measured realistically. Can you?

Wala lang. NADA.