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Career Outlook for 2009 (Wood Rat)

Career Outlook for 2009
First Quarter
Good professional prospects. You'll have the firm will to succeed. But beware: The star Nguyet Duc might instill you unreasonable ambitions. Try to know exactly what is within your reach. Indeed, those of you who aim too high may experience a disappointment that can make them lose their time. On the contrary, if you manage to target your projects correctly, success will be yours.
Second Quarter
You'll begin this period with the firm intention to progress in your career. On the whole the stars will support your efforts. And for the majority of you prospects are good. But in this domain as in others, the impact of the stars Long Duc and Tang Mon on your state of mind must be watched over. Your rebellious mood may prove harmful to you. It will not be the time to indulge in clumsy demands.
Third Quarter
The star Long Duc will support your professional activity efficiently. He could even grant you a good pecuniary or honorific bonus. Moreover, the support of the star Dia Vong should help you exploit your creativity to the utmost. Some of your ideas might be taken by your hierarchy into consideration, thereby allowing you to launch the project that you've had in mind since a long time. By dint of patience and tenacity, you'll succeed in making your talents appreciated.
Fourth Quarter
Your professional life will decidedly be highlighted this time. All the chips seem to be on your side. Luck will be there thanks to the star Long Duc. You'll be well organized and coherent in your choices under the influence of the star Thien Viet. And the star Lam Quan will help you to work swiftly and effortlessly. Why, then, should you let yourself worry? Even though your situation is still unstable or unsatisfactory, the celestial prospects are excellent. Have confidence in the future and pursue your efforts: You'll not regret it!
The Rat
At Work
The Chinese say others should always listen to the advice of the Rat. Because of their intellect and observatory powers, Rat people possess prudence and perception. They can anticipate problems, and are always able to see the big picture. They can hone in on issues at hand and make measurable judgments. These skills, combined with their sense of aspiration also make them clever operators. Status, money, title, and recognition are important to the Rat. They have keen senses of observation that allow them to foresee upcoming business opportunities as well as potential occupational problems. The Rat makes a better boss than an employee and, although motivated, they can be pinned down by routines. Rats work better in flexible situations where they can be freely creative.

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