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Captivated by the Axe Girl Model

I am still captivated by the girl model in the new axe commercial. She was really cool in handling the ketchup bottle and the call-me sign. I wonder what's her name.Maybe I should give it try calling her and win myself an iPhone.

Kirsten Dunst Cosplays, Disaster or Not?

Kirsten Dunst was spotted in Akihabara doing a cosplay for a music video.I think her costume's combination is not right, but still it is nice to see her in costume. Now I am curious to see the music video.
What do you think?
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Ponyo - English Trailer

This is the English Trailer for Ponyo. I wonder if this film will be shown in Philippines.

Marry the Gundam-way

Showing of Gundam in Odaiba will only last until the month of August ends. This week a lucky couple was given a chance to marry in front of the Gundam.
See the Gundam-way of Marrying via japanprobe.

For photos, see shibuya246.

Some Miss Universe 2009 Interviews

Check out these interviews in Bahamas.
Philippines - with the beautiful beaches

Japan - with the talking toilet

Vietnam - with the funny people

Do You Wanna Date an Avatar?

Got this link from Sir Fred. This is really cool. Rock On! \m/

Remembering Ponyo

I was doing my nightly stumble when I saw this youtube video about Ponyo.

I was in Japan when this Japanese animation was shown. Our office was near the Toho Cinema, that time whenever I see the Ponyo ad in the big screen I sing along.

This film was translated to English in America. See how the theme song was destroyed.

Born on a WEDNESDAY.

I took a quiz in facebook about day of birthday. (


About Japanese Verbs


Check out this website I found at

Wow this is nice. I can relate to the contents of this site. Because I am already learning the different conjugations of Japanese verbs. :P

Play Little Wheel, a free online game on Kongregate

Check out this website I found at
An interesting puzzle game. Try it for yourself.