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What data structure are you? I am a Priority Queue

I answered a quiz in facebook.

What data structure are you? quiz and the result is Priority Queue.

Priority Queues are data structures that pair each of their elements with a specific priority, returning the item with the highest priority when polled. So naturally, priority queues live a very balanced life, tackling tasks based on their perceived importance. Priority queues do like to finish whatever projects they start, but they're also not afraid to drop it for the time being when something more pressing comes along. They live by the mantra, "a time for everything"; they're not afraid to take a break from homework if they need it, but if it's an important paper due the next day, they'll keep plugging away until it's done. The practical, down-to-earth nature of priority queues may bore other data types, but the solid decision-making it leads to is one of the priority queues' best traits.

Nice, parang totoo. :P

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