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Inushiba in Yamanashi

Master, Where Are You?

During our Company Outing in Yamanashi, I saw this Inushiba and remembered Hachiko - waiting for his master to return. This dog stood still not paying attention to photographers passing by like me. I sat beside him and took this shot.

My Bone-Eating Puppy

Here is a photo of one of my previous dogs back in Manila. I love taking care of my dogs because they like me taking their pictures.

Here in Yokohama I want to have a dog, but I do not have a place to leave it while I am on work.

My Sister's Cat

I was cleaning up my hard disk and I saw this photo of my sister's cat back in 2007 in Manila. I used a Canon Powershot S3 after I gave up my Kodak.

I think that was the time, my interest in animals and nature grew because most of my subjects can be found in the backyard.

Duck in Yunoko Lake

After hiking up to the top of Yudaki Falls in Nikko, you will see the beautiful Yunoko Lake. In that lake, you could see one of these camera-friendly ducks enjoying the passing photographers.

Going Back to Philippines for Christmas 2011

Last Year's Christmas ABS-CBN Station ID. (2010)

 This year's Christmas ABS-CBN Station ID. (2011)

Ang Damo (Grass) in Shin-Yokohama

My friend +Jan Karlo Camero just bought his new camera. Today, we decided to bring our camera and learn some photography techniques during lunch time. Together with +DJ Villanueva we tried exploring Rule of Third in Shin-Yokohama park. Here is a photo of a grass sticking out near the rails.

Tomorrow, what technique or theme should we try.

Sea Gull in Otaru

Remembering Hokkaido. This photo was taken near the sea port in Otaru. I think the Gull got tired and just hanging out on the street.

Sapporo TV Tower in Hokkaido

Last February 2011, we went to Sapporo to attend the 雪まつり(Snow Festival). In Odori Park, you will find the Sapporo TV Tower. In it's observation deck, you can watch the festival as a whole.

Sunset View from Fuji TV

From one of the windows of Fuji TV in Odaiba, I tried to take a shot of the Rainbow Bridge and the city structures.

2011's Hanabi in Tamagawa River

The Last Firework Before Autumn! (Huling Hanabi Bago Ang Tag-Lamig!)
As the cool winds of Autumn has started, poeple still enjoy the Hanabi at Tamagawa River. The only difference, you can hear some shout "寒い!" [Cold].

Clouds in Tamagawa

Lying down near the Tamagawa River and while waiting for the Hanabi, took a shot of the clouds.

Grasshopper's Edge of Glory

After hiking to the nearest lift of Tenjin Daira(天神平) in Gunma, my friends and I saw a seat and decided to rest on it. This grasshopper was enjoying it's glory at the edge of the seat.

Another Afternoon in Ginza

After Nihongo class, went to Ginza with friends to eat in Carne Station.

Abandoned Hotel in Minakami, Gunma

Chasing the SL Steam Engine Train in Gunma, we saw this abandoned hotel near Minakami Station in Gunma.

Pepsi Nex + One Piece: 3 out of 6.

It all started from 1000円 to 500円, now it is 300円. Got 3 out of 6 of Pepsi Nex + One Piece collection. I should finish collecting it, then give it to my sister.

Queen's Square (Minato Mirai, Yokoahama, Japan)

View of Queen's Square from a bridge in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

KFC + One Piece

Just out of curiosity, I tried the KFC + One Piece chicken pack. I thought I will only get one item, it turned out I need to get 4. Interesting. Another random things to give my sister.

Going to Monkey Mountain「さる山」!

Going to Monkey Mountain「さる山」in Kinugawa-Onsen, here is a nice view in front of a temple. Sorry, I don't know the name of that temple. I remember the coolness of Autumn. いい感じだ!I wish Summer ends quickly.

In Front of a Temple below Monkey Mountain (さる山) in Kinugawa-Onsen, Japan

Pepsi Nex + One Piece

Saw this the other day at a convenient store selling at 980円. I think no one is buying that's why they decided to lower it to 500円. For me, I think the price is still high, but to make my sister jealous I bought one.

Victory Ship

Victory Ship is one of the cruise ships available in Lake Ashi. It is a replica of an 18th Century British Battleship. I forgot to take a photo of the whole ship because it was about to rain.

The Pirates are Coming

Had another summer trip in Hakone with my Friends. This is my favorite Pirate ship in Lake Ashi. Alas, it was cloudy on that day. Mt. Fuji could not be seen at the background.

Hakone's Black Eggs

Eaten the first 3 black eggs from Hakone. That should translate to additional 21 life years.

Gundam in Shizuoka, Japan

Chocolate Hills

Torii in Nikko

Browsing for old photos from my hard disk and saw this torii picture. I just can't remember where exactly in Nikko I took it.

Before the Break of Dawn (Part 2)

Dropped all things and watch the rising sun.

Before the Break of Dawn

Together with Agustin, as soon as we saw the clouds changed color, we stopped and looked for a good spot at the 9th Station of Mt. Fuji. Seeing the blue outlines of the mountains with the yellow line from the sun was breath-taking literally. It felt like a dream.

Broken Things

Heard a weird noise during tonight's earthquake while watching TV. It was the broken mirror and glass in my room.

View of Mt. Fuji from FujiQ

Remembering a Dancer

This photo was taken when I first visited Tokyo Disney Sea during a water parade.

Remembering Ling Ling

This photo was taken when Ling Ling the Ueno Panda was still alive.

Tonight's Sushi Fest

Had sashimi for dinner.

Vivid Dream about Natural Disaster

Had a vivid dream again last night. While watching movie at a 9th floor of a building with friends, everyone was thrown away by the water rushing through the window during a huge earthquake. Most people survived the water, and was shocked of what happened. We were forced to pack our things that we could get and evacuate the building. Hours later, strong snowstorm came, people are lost - thinking where should they hide. After that I wake up, feeling that I lost my friends.

It was like I am inside the "The Day After Tomorrow" movie.

Ang Tuyo at Ang Kamatis

Remembering Shinyokohama Food.

大鳥居 (Ootorii)

大鳥居 (Ootorii), a photo by easegui on Flickr.

Hiroshima's Okonomi-mura

Hiroshima's Okonomi-mura, a photo by easegui on Flickr.

原爆ドーム (A-Bomb Dome)

原爆ドーム (A-Bomb Dome), a photo by easegui on Flickr.

大鳥居 (Low Tide)

view at the top of mt. misen.
deer are really wild, it ate one of the woman's paper bag.
a lot of deer lost at miyajima.