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Showing posts from July, 2011

Torii in Nikko

Browsing for old photos from my hard disk and saw this torii picture. I just can't remember where exactly in Nikko I took it.

Before the Break of Dawn (Part 2)

Dropped all things and watch the rising sun.

Before the Break of Dawn

Together with Agustin, as soon as we saw the clouds changed color, we stopped and looked for a good spot at the 9th Station of Mt. Fuji. Seeing the blue outlines of the mountains with the yellow line from the sun was breath-taking literally. It felt like a dream.

Broken Things

Heard a weird noise during tonight's earthquake while watching TV. It was the broken mirror and glass in my room.

View of Mt. Fuji from FujiQ

Remembering a Dancer

This photo was taken when I first visited Tokyo Disney Sea during a water parade.

Remembering Ling Ling

This photo was taken when Ling Ling the Ueno Panda was still alive.

Tonight's Sushi Fest

Had sashimi for dinner.

Vivid Dream about Natural Disaster

Had a vivid dream again last night. While watching movie at a 9th floor of a building with friends, everyone was thrown away by the water rushing through the window during a huge earthquake. Most people survived the water, and was shocked of what happened. We were forced to pack our things that we could get and evacuate the building. Hours later, strong snowstorm came, people are lost - thinking where should they hide. After that I wake up, feeling that I lost my friends.

It was like I am inside the "The Day After Tomorrow" movie.