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The Tokyo Sky Tree

A view of the Tokyo Sky Tree during night time, magnified by a combination of yellow and blue radiance.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! - While people wait for their turn for Tokyo SkyTree, they are busy taking photos of these Pumpkin Lights including me. Unfortunately, we could not wait so long and went home.

Yokohama Skyline

View from Osanbashi Pier.

Shuzenji's Tokko-no-yu

Tokko-no-yu is Shuzenji's oldest hot spring found in the middle of the river. It is also said that it is the very fist onsen in Japan.

A Stone with a Face

Inside the Shuzenji Temple, nobody seems to notice this stone inside this fenced tree.

Canon EOS-1D Model

Elvis' Cafe Sirloin Steak

Super Moon in Japan (May 6, 2012)

There is a superstition that Super Moon causes natural disaster. I wonder if it had an effect on today's Tornado.

I miss using my 200mm zoom lens.

Mitake Rock Garden

Golden Week has been a rainy week, so to celebrate a sunny "Children's Day" I and my friends went to hike Mitake-san. Here is one of the popular site of the Rock Garden.

View From Iwakuni Castle in Hiroshima


Walking in Shinyokohama Park

Sakura has bloomed again in Shin-Yokohama, together with fellow office mates we walked around to take pictures of it. While walking, I have thought of a nice concept and asked my friend DJ if I can take a photo of her and here it is. (I felt embarrassed how the passing people looked at me, but it is OK.)

Happy as Big as I Am!

Crows in Hokkaido

A Girl in Kimono in CP+2012

Grass in Sankeien Garden

Love Ducks in Sankeien Garden

Lately, I have been interested in taking photos of ducks. When I went to Sankeien, I was imagining an icy pond where the ducks would walk on it, but I think it was not cold enough.

Food-Waiting-Koi at Sankeien Garden

Went to Sankeien Garden too early to see the blooming Japanese Plums. Instead took a picture of a Koi eagerly waiting for a food to be dropped.

Old Photos of My Puppies

Yamanashi Company Trip