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Ratings and impressions for ELMER

Yehey, finally my christmas vacation has started.

I was doing my stumble again for tonight, and found a site about ratings and impressions about a name. Feeling interested, I searched for my name to see how is my name rated and the impression it leaves to other people.

Here is the link:

Ratings and impressions for ELMER:

Good Name 60%40% Bad Name
Masculine 100%0% Feminine
Classic 89%11% Modern
Mature 64%36% Youthful
Formal 64%36% Informal
Upperclass 50%50% Common
Urban 50%50% Natural
Wholesome 79%21% Devious
Strong 75%25% Delicate
Refined 36%64% Rough
Strange 57%43% Boring
Simple 79%21% Complex
Serious 54%46% Comedic
Nerdy 54%46% Unintellectual

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