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At last, Canon Powershot S3 IS

Here are some of the pictures I taken using my new Canon Powershot S3 IS. Maybe I need to buy another 1 GB SD card. These pictures have an average size of almost 1.75 MB.  

First week in Japan

Tonight Ms. Meann left me walking alone to our dorm. She will sleep tonight with her friends in the city. It's a miracle I got home without getting lost. I asked permission from her if I can borrow her laptop so that I can watch some english films. But, sugoi, I have stolen some internet access. And now I am using it. Tomorrow, I'll be going to Akihabara with my friends to buy our own desires. "P. Ang hirap mag-order ng pagkain. p.s. Jayson, Ethel, Janina, Rex, Grace, Christabel, Laurice, Sir JP - nasa Japan ako ngayon. Karu-sennin, kumusta na. Flor-chan, don't forget me.