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Past Life Analysis

I was wondering what job will best suit me. I have stumbled on a webpage that analyze your past life. [ ] And this is my result. Your brief psychological profile in your past life: You always liked to travel and to investigate. You could have been a detective or a spy. I think this is still true. I like travelling and investigating on somethings. Maybe someday I could fulfill my dream job.

New Book in the Making

A friend was asking for a suggestion of books that is about math but not textbooks in an email. So there for a while I am thinking of a book, but out of somewhere I made a joke just to waste some time. In reply to the email: Have you ever heard of the book, "How to Integrate a Differential Life?" by Elmer. I have a copy of that book with free autograph included. And my friend replied: LOKO! LOKO! Another answered: Sounds interesting. How much is that book? Some sent instant message: Funny! Some friends greeted: Saan ba makakabili nong libro mo? Ending the conversation: Hanap ako ng stock. Maybe I should write that book. Anyway I was a frustrated writer.