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Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year to all! Maligayang Bagong Taon!

Just Finished Noche Buena

We have just finished our noche buena for the year 2008! We are now waiting for the new year to come. Wishing for a another successful year.

Nice Flickr Slideshow

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Merry Christmas 2007!

Merry Christmas everyone. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat.

Remembering Sea Paradise

Thank you Ms. Irene for the picture.

Thank You for MVP Basket

Thank you DG12 Section 1. Thank you very much for giving me the MVP Basket (Plastic Box). After some years of working, now I have experience of receiving an MVP Basket and being recognized and this made me happy. (Sorry, they did not include Pringles) Becoming an awardee of MVP Basket (Plastic Box) never came to my mind because I think I will never be, but I am wishing to have one. Let me share you my insigths about this MVP thingy: For the previous years since I have started working, I feel disappointed when I know I will not be recognized for the job I have done. Iniside my head I always think what do MVPs have that I do not possess. Nothing is my answer because I feel I have done my job well that deserves recognition. Since the basket is limited it means there is only a set of people that will have chances of being recognized and I have accepted it. Anyway being recognized or not by others, I have always thought and continues to think of myself that "I am good". This be

Santa, my Buddy

Good shot Agustin. Originally posted at

Elmer with Spectacles

Hey Paeng, thank you for the photo. Image taken by Agustin and originally posted at

Ratings and impressions for ELMER

Yehey, finally my christmas vacation has started. I was doing my stumble again for tonight, and found a site about ratings and impressions about a name. Feeling interested, I searched for my name to see how is my name rated and the impression it leaves to other people. Here is the link: Ratings and impressions for ELMER : Good Name 60% 40% Bad Name Masculine 100% 0% Feminine Classic 89% 11% Modern Mature 64% 36% Youthful Formal 64% 36% Informal Upperclass 50% 50% Common Urban 50% 50% Natural Wholesome 79% 21% Devious Strong 75% 25% Delicate Refined 36% 64% Rough Strange 57% 43% Boring Simple 79% 21% Complex Serious 54% 46% Comedic Nerdy 54% 46% Unintellectual

24 Things Not To Miss in Tokyo

I bought this book one year ago, when I started having some trips to Tokyo. It is a guide around the places in Tokyo and some customs. On the first part of the book, it presented 24 things not to miss in Tokyo. Since I will be going back to Tokyo in next year, I need to prepare myself again of what I shall visit. Let's look what I am still missing in the list. Shinjuku Gyoen - already seen from a building Yurakucho - not yet Ghibli Musuem - not yet, it needs some reservation Asakusa - took picture with the big lantern Onsen Bath - not yet Meiji-jingu - seen some japanese weddings Harajuku - during sundays i take a rest in Yoyogi-koen Sumo - watched in television Rikugi-koen - not yet Tokyo's fireworks (Hanabi) - witnessed last summer 2006 Prada Building - not yet Kabuki - watched in television Happoen - not yet Tsukiji - ate sushi set with Karlo Hanami parties - not yet, always goes back home before the party Yanaka - not yet Roppongi Hills - not yet Shibuya - my other hang-out

Let's do the manual, Cashier Machine is broke

I always pass by the famous drugstore, which is undergoing some repainting job for the pass weeks now, every night to get something to drink while walking home. Tonight, the cashier machine was broken. I did not notice it until I queued in the line. The cashier is computing manually all the items bought by the customers. I thought I can still wait since I am the 5th person in line. After some time, the line seems not to be moving anymore. Why? The price tags are not pasted on the products. Imagine, sales person - include the security guards - shouting to each other the price of the product being computed. This was the scene that took place. "Ok! Fine", I said to myself and continue to wait for my turn. But I got annoyed when they do shout not knowing the price of the product and look for the price somewhere far - maybe they have a price list in some kind of an office. This continued on for 15 minutes and the line did not move. In my thought, I was already formulating some tr

Student Got Expelled for Bringing a Toy Gnu

Got to do my stumble for the night before I go to sleep. Today I have read a news about a dyslexic fourth grade Oakville student who got expelled for bringing a toy gnu to school. Since the school has zero tolerance policy they have to expel the student. An excerpt from the post: "We're convinced he intended to bring a toy gun." said Meredith Simmons, Principal of Waterbury Elementary. "His reading disability may have confused him about what is prohibited in the policy, but we can't take any chances. That's why it's called zero tolerance." The expulsion received full approval from the superintendent's office. "We support Principal Simmons' decision." said Milton Decker, Assistant Superintendent. "The toy gnu may seem harmless, but we can't ignore the underlying intent. I seriously doubt any of our students even know what a gnu is." The post also includes a real toy gnu. For us (software engineers), you should al

Let's Do the Speedtest Again


Glass Garden


Fearless Mice, Scardy Cat

Following some recent development in genetics, another experiment in Tokyo University was done to prove that fears are not learned through experience but genetically embedded on us. On this experiments, the genetic engineers switched off the instinct of the mouse from fearing the cat by removing some nasal cells. From these, I just learned that mice fear the cats because they can smell them. [So, can I say a person fears other people because of their smell. What a logic? :p] Well anyway, the study only shows that we can also control any fears -- its all with the mind. Looking back with "Glowing in the Dark" Cat, I don't think that mouse will befriend with the glowing cat. Reference:

Cloning a "Glow in the Dark" Cats

Cloning research now-a-days has been becoming more progressive. Some scientists even manipulate the fluorescent protein gene with a goal of developing a treatment for some human diseases. This is great. But the side effect of this, it makes the creature glow in the dark. What will you react if you found out that your cat at home glows in the dark? For me, at first I will be scared because it seems creepy to see your cat glows. But at the same time i will feel I'm cool because I can brag it to my friends. :p Below is a picture of a glowing cat. Reference:

You First Believe

"You First Believe" was one of my favorite songs since college. This song brings back the memories.

Multiply's Audio Reply

Multiply has a new way of posting replies to your posts. You can now add audio or video reply. That's is cool. I tried it on one of Sarah's blog post.

Curfew in the Metro, What shall we do?

Earlier this evening, the Philippine Government announces curfew for the NCR, Region 3 and 4A due to the incident happened this afternoon. What shall we do? This question made the people in the office got worked out - thinking what will they do if they can't go home by 12. What I did are emailed my status, shutted down my pc, grabbed my bag and said "let's go to annex and eat". After eating, I waived them goodbye and headed to the nearest ATM to get my salary for the month. While walking on the Eastwood City Walk, I observed the people seems do not mind about the curfew because more people are crowding in. By the way, ATM lines were long, just an information. Why are there so many people? Are they not aware of the curfew? -- I was getting tired of answering these questions, but the passing busses were still full, luckily I was able to ride one. Yehey! The bus dropped me in front of our subdivision. But before going home, I went to the Mercury Drugstore to buy some st

Weight Loss Cake ?

I was doing my stumble for the night and I saw a post entitled "weight loss cake". It seems very interesting. I clicked on the link, and woh, it is really weight loss cake! Below is a sample of a finished product: For more information about the weight loss cake, here is the link:

Personality Test


Cloning People in Pictures

Lately I have been seeing many pictures with cloned individuals - this trick has kept me troubled for some time now. Luckily I was able to find the blog post of energyface on making this trick possible. The post was entitled "tutorial - how to clone people" (h ttp:// Now I am challenged to do this trick.

Remembering NADA

Truly the NADA moments are memorable, here are some evidences. More pictures can be found in my NADA Moments 2005 or from the original post of Paula's Multiply NADA Moments .

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