Thank You for MVP Basket

Thank you DG12 Section 1.
Thank you very much for giving me the MVP Basket (Plastic Box).

After some years of working, now I have experience of receiving an MVP Basket and being recognized and this made me happy. (Sorry, they did not include Pringles)

Becoming an awardee of MVP Basket (Plastic Box) never came to my mind because I think I will never be, but I am wishing to have one.

Let me share you my insigths about this MVP thingy:

For the previous years since I have started working, I feel disappointed when I know I will not be recognized for the job I have done. Iniside my head I always think what do MVPs have that I do not possess. Nothing is my answer because I feel I have done my job well that deserves recognition. Since the basket is limited it means there is only a set of people that will have chances of being recognized and I have accepted it.

Anyway being recognized or not by others, I have always thought and continues to think of myself that "I am good". This belief keeps me happy and motivated to continue working than being devastated of not being recognized.

Finally for some advice, do not rank yourself with the standards of many because it sucks. Self-recognition is the best, because you always rank the best. (You may not take these statements seriously, but it works for me. :p)

Going back with the MVP Basket, quoting Jorudan, "Thank your for all the good times". Next year may we all be recognized, if not let's have some party instead.


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