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Elmer is a certified Networker

I have taken SmartBro Personality test and here is my result. You're sociable in the real world so it crosses over to your virtual life too. You find satisfaction in building your online network and keeping connected with them through various social networking sites. When you want to be updated with what's going on with your friends, you rely on sites like Friendster and Facebook. (and Multiply :p!)

空はまるで "Soraha(wa) Marude" - Monkey Majik

I stumbled upon again on my favorite canadian-japanese band Monkey Majik. Here is the lyrics for their song 空はまるで "Soraha(wa) Marude". -- COMBINATION of ENGLISH and ROMANJI -- Sora wa marude kimi no you ni aoku sunde doko made mo Yagate bokura egakidashita ashita e to hashiridasu Tabidatsu kedo looking in the rear view mirror I got you there sukoshi dake clearer I know with you subete ga hirogatteiku All we need is just a little more time nagareteru kara Everyday look at yourself and smile Hoping things will go your way. Tashika na koto nado nani mo Dare ni mo waranai kara Donna koto ga okoru darou Te wo tsunaide I'll never let you get away Sora wa marude kimi no you ni aoku sunde doko made mo Yagate bokura egakidashita ashita e to hashiridasu 1...1...Hey I wish we hadn't departed, But now you life has started, We met at the shop, and still have something in common. Soshite itsuka wakaru? I'm hoping everything is fun, Kisetsu ga meguru yo Tagai ni sugoshite hibi g

An Encounter with A New Made Friend

When I was in Japan, I made friends with some new faces in the company. Today I saw one of them in the office and an unexpected encounter happened. This afternoon I scheduled a meeting with my project mates and with a blessing from above I saw her also having a meeting with other people. It was nice to see her here in the Philippines but it will be better if I will have a time to say hi or a hello. We had our meeting and the break "merienda" time stroke. We have to stop and continue my meeting with another group of people after the break. Then continuing my meeting with another people, she happenned to pass by. My eyes were catching her but no words came out to say hi. Luckily she turned back and saw me - still no words were coming out from me. "What are you doing", as I heard she said. While holding a sandwich, "Ah! Eating my sandwich", I said. Then, everybody laughed. I thinking seriously - What happened?! "Nani?Nani?Nani?..Why are you laughing?&quo

Wall Climbing Challenge

After some time off from work, we are back to torture ourselves with the same routine in the office. Anyway it is Fitness Wednesday again tomorrow and another challenge awaits the DG12 people. Tomorrow's challenge is Wall Climbing. Let's see what will be the result of this challenge.

Remembering Amazing Twins

I was watching some chinese dramas on the internet and somehow I stumbled upon on a very familiar chinese drama I used to watched. It is the Proud Twins or most popularly known as Amazing Twins in the Philippines. Here is the lyrics of the openning song from that drama. You Ni De Shi Jie (My World With You) - Jimmy Lin Sleep till dawn dreaks, we thank that piece of beach land. yi jiao dao tian liang, wo men gan xie na yi pian sha tan Road has become wider, we thank that sun that shine far and wide. lu bian kuan guang, wo men gan xie na yi ke si mian ba fang de tai yang Don't think of anything else, two persons still have each other's shoulders to overcome sadness. shen me dou bie xiang, liang ge ren hai you bi ci jian bang ai guo ju sang Now still heating cold rice, thinking back the taste is even worse. xian zai zai chao chao leng fan, hui wei qi lai zi wei geng zao gao Turn, turn, time is in your hands. zhuan, zhuan, shi jian zai shou shang Accompany you to exp

Playing WOW

Here is a shot of my character in WoW.

DG12 Badminton Challenge

We spent our second week of fitness challenge at Sure Play, Cubao playing Badminton. Here are some pictures taken by Mr. Agustin Reyes, one of my project mates. Serious Challenged Extremely Challenged For more pictures of the Badminton Challenge head to

Fitness Wednesday and Swimming Saturday.

Last Wednesday, we had our first WLAN Fitness Wednesday. We did an hour of Body Combat and the remaining hours talking to the sales manager of Fitness First. I like to apply but I can't afford it. This coming Wednesday we will do our Badminton Challenge. I'm looking to the success of this event. Also I have started again my weekly swimming activity. I will try my best to continue doing this weekly so that I can loose the weight I gained for the last 3 years.