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Vehicular Accident May Result to Death

On our way home traversing EDSA just near Quezon Avenue, a jaywalking guy was hit by a motorcycle on the left side of our vehicle.  Inside the car, my father said "Patay yan! [He'll be dead!]"  Luckily, we had our windows close to protect us from flying articles of incident.  It was like watching Mission Impossible in real time -- I felt it was a slow motion picture and was sure that the jaywalking guy will be hit. The jaywalking guy was hit as a bowling pin, while the motorcycle guy flew on the side.  Having enough energy, the jaywalking guy continued to play patintero with the passing buses.  If he did not get up immediately, maybe he will be double whammed.  We don't know what happened after. After that, we reached Commonwealth Avenue.  Another highway where people just springing out of nowhere crossing the street and be hit by vehicles. Foot bridges have been provided to secure one's life, why can't this kind of  people just stop playing the game of death

Count Up# 64

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