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Testing Macro of IXY Digital 10


New Canon EOS Will Be Released

I have been waiting for this finally Canon will be releasing a new EOS Camera.

Career Outlook for 2008

Horoscopes provided courtesy of Suzanne White and Master Rao. Career Outlook for 2008 First Trimester During the first month of this period, the circumstances will be favorable to your professional success. The stars will protect you and facilitate all your moves and initiatives. Therefore you'll have every reason to be optimistic. Do not miss the boat! From the second month onwards, good prospects of a change in career will be offered to you. This may be proposals for a change of company, a radical change of the kind of work, or a change of work place. You'll be well advised to show daring and inventiveness, whatever your branch of activity may be. Second Trimester During the first two months of this period, you'll get good results in your work. However, your clear-cut opinions and your refusal to make concessions may provoke clashes with fellow-workers. A little more flexibility would help you avoid many useless setbacks. During the remainder of the period, you'll be

Freezing to the Bones

Tonight I finally felt the freezing to the bones, the temperature hit 4 degrees. Luckily I have two jackets in hand to keep me a little warmer. Tomorrow the place, Chiba, I will visit can be close as 2 degrees.

タモリのヒストリーX (Tamori No History X)

Just several hours ago I watched Tamori No History X. It was a nice show where some japanese personalities told some history to the host and after that the host give some gold to the presentor to rate how good he/she has presented.

Ashita Nihon e Ikimasu

Tomorrow, to Japan I go. Have'nt prepared my luggage.

What About Love?

Just heard Guia's multiply background music. This is one of my favorite songs. Lemar - What About Love? What if I took my time to love you? What if I put no one above you? What if I did the things That really mattered? What if I ran through Hoops of disaster? No one would care if We never made it We're in this alone So why don't we face it There is no room to Blame one another We just need time to Forgive each other [Chorus:] What about love? What about feeling? What about all the things that make life worth living? What about faith? What about trust? And tell me baby...what about us? How can I give this Love a new beginning? How can I stop the rain? It's never ending How do I keep my soul believing? Memories of how we Should be keep calling [Chorus] I'll take the rivers rise I'll take the happy times I'll take the moments of disaster [Chorus]

Celebrating Christmas with Berks


Celebrating New Year 2008

From the second floor of our house, we watched the fireworks. After watching the fireworks, we had our simple celebration for this new year 2008. For more pictures of our new year celebration: