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Getting Ready For Work in Limited Time

I was doing my nightly stumble and saw this very good video about getting ready for work for less than 5 minutes. I was really amazed the necktie technique. I should master technique for my future. :P Honto ni sobarashi

Kazoku (Family) Trip Planning

In June, my family will be going to Singapore and side trip to Malaysia. I am not familiar with those places and I want to enjoy our stay. - What places we must visit there? Restaurants, Malls, Parks? - Websites that can help in planning an adventure? - Transportation or Train Timetables?

Me Surfing (HDR Attempt)

Here is my another attempt of HDR. I tried it on my surfing picture. :P

Trying out HDR

Inspired by our photographer friends here in multiply. Here is my attempt of trying out HDR. Original Photo Modified Photo (HDR)

Why Communication and Happiness

This afternoon, I just took an examination in the company about basic project management. I am not sure if I have passed or not, one thing I am sure is I am the first one to finish in our batch of examinee. (answering without thinking twice :P) One of the knowledge areas of project management is Communication -- this is the key for the project's success. For me, Communication is not simple. It involves planning of what information to be shared and how the information can be shared. One misunderstanding can complicate things. To avoid such misunderstandings, the content of the information to be disseminated needs to undergo some kind of review and sometimes approval from the proper authorities on a timely manner. Just this afternoon, I think I have experience a case that may be related to this. As time passes, I have learned that this causes (lo) commotion among people. (up close and personal -- why, why, why do i have to be in the middle :| ) To end this article, let's just s

Join My Brute: Shigishigi

While Restaurant City is out, how about trying a new game. Join me in my battle in My Brute.