Why Communication and Happiness

This afternoon, I just took an examination in the company about basic project management. I am not sure if I have passed or not, one thing I am sure is I am the first one to finish in our batch of examinee. (answering without thinking twice :P)

One of the knowledge areas of project management is Communication -- this is the key for the project's success.

For me, Communication is not simple. It involves planning of what information to be shared and how the information can be shared. One misunderstanding can complicate things. To avoid such misunderstandings, the content of the information to be disseminated needs to undergo some kind of review and sometimes approval from the proper authorities on a timely manner.

Just this afternoon, I think I have experience a case that may be related to this. As time passes, I have learned that this causes (lo)commotion among people. (up close and personal -- why, why, why do i have to be in the middle :| )

To end this article, let's just sing along with the song from my one of my favorite bands - Monkey Majik instead.

.. Yeah happiness is all I need from you. ...

Happiness - MONKEY MAJIK

You know the pressure is building up on me.
The news has got me convinced that everyone is guilty.
Outside the rain is dripping, "oh so nice?"
But wouldn't go out, couldn't just smile, I couldn't be me.
Confusion's got the better part of me.

And all you gotta do is pretend that we are working,
on a better world that's lost all of its turning.
It's like we never do a thing.

Does that give you happiness?
Oh happiness! yeah happiness is all I need from you.
Yeah happiness is all I need from you.

And everybody seems to be feeling the same way I do.
What's new in the tabloids? "The sky is falling on you!"
Maybe we are all crazy, maybe we are just lazy,
in time you'll realize, yeah you just might.
Maybe the world keeps turning on its other side.

And all we gotta do is pretend that we are walking,
around a world where a sun's still shining.
The weather never does a thing,
but it gives you happiness!
Oh happiness, yeah happiness is all I need from you,
Yeah happiness is hard for me and you.


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