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Cucumber Cutting Videos

via Stumbled this cool videos about cutting cucumber. :P Cucumber Cutting Contest Cutting Cucumber with Drifting Car

What data structure are you? I am a Priority Queue

I answered a quiz in facebook. What data structure are you? quiz and the result is Priority Queue . Priority Queues are data structures that pair each of their elements with a specific priority, returning the item with the highest priority when polled. So naturally, priority queues live a very balanced life, tackling tasks based on their perceived importance. Priority queues do like to finish whatever projects they start, but they're also not afraid to drop it for the time being when something more pressing comes along. They live by the mantra, "a time for everything"; they're not afraid to take a break from homework if they need it, but if it's an important paper due the next day, they'll keep plugging away until it's done. The practical, down-to-earth nature of priority queues may bore other data types, but the solid decision-making it leads to is one of the priority queues' best traits. Nice, parang totoo. :P

Update on Miss Universe Japan Candidate's Kimono

via Looks like Miss Universe Japan's candidate will not be able to wear her criticized kimono. They will make her kimono longer just to hide the pink undies. :P Link to my previous post. Miss Universe Japan Candidate Showcases Her Kimono

A Slap in the Facebook like Lola Techie Style

Recently, Lola Techie have been popular not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Here is an old video of two grannys checking out their Facebook.

Wolverine and Iron Man in a Japanese Anime Style

Marvel partnered with Madhouse to make a new version of classic heroes in a Japanese Anime style. Here are the samples: Wolverine via Ironman via I hope I can watch this in the future.

A Different Kind of Wedding Entrance

via Got this link from a friend. This gave me a good idea for a wedding.

Miss Universe Japan Candidate Showcases Her Kimono

via I saw this article which led me to making the following questions: 1) What happened to the traditional Kimono? 2) I know the mask is traditional, but why use it with the Kimono? Even though it looks strange, I think the mask and kimono looks good on her. :p But making her win some awards because of this, hmm, maybe.

Japanese Girl Meets Harry Potter Casts

via Japan Probe. I was browsing Japan Probe for some interesting new stories and found this post. A girl wins an interview with Harry and Ron - see how interesting it is. :P

Milk with Japanese Comedy

via I was doing my nightly stumble and I saw this really funny comedy show. The guests were asked to hold the milk inside their mouth was watching some comic acts from well-known Japanese comedians. See what happens next. Oh I really missed watching this kind of show. :P

Dog with an Eyebrow

via I saw this link from Japan Probe about a eyebrow-ed dog named Panda. I liked two scenes from this video: 1. Animation of the dogs transformation. 2. When Oba-chan was asked for the dog's name and answered: Panda, Panda, Panda desu yo. Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Wonder Girls - Nobody (Original)

via Insisted by my friend Karlo, I watched the music video. Well what can I say is that it is really nice. I have repeatedly played it that somehow I feel it continues to echoes in my ear. I wonder if Karlo can dance like his idols and post it too in the youtube. :P Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Wonder Girls - Nobody But You (Hilarious Dance)

via I was doing my nightly stumble when I saw this post from a friend. If you feel sleepy in the office, you might want to try watching this to be alert again. This reminds of my friend Karlo, because his favorite is Wonder Girls. Hahaha :P Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

More of Modern Samurai

via Do you remember the the Samurai slashing a ball? Here are additional skill demonstrations. Side story: Just this morning during our Nihongo class, I said I have lived before in Japan because I was a Samurai, well in my dreams. :P Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Let's Eat Spider Pizza

via I am not sure what is the advantage of eating insects. But those kids seem to really like it. Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Interesting Japanese Electronic Commercial

via It took me for a while to understand what the commercial about. The people's name were from major electronic shops in Japan. What do you think they are doing in that shop? :p I wonder where did Yodobashi-san go. Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Sandara sings "In or Out" in Korea

via My friend Loyd shares his link about Sandara. Woh, I did not expect that she will sing it again but now in Korea. Good luck to her and hope she will become popular again as she was in the Philippines. Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

New Anime; Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

via This is an interesting new anime - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. It is about Tokyo being hit by an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 8.0 which will destroy landmarks like Tokyo Tower and Yoyogi Stadium. The story revolves around the two siblings trying to reach their mother with the help of a delivery girl. Check out the opening music video. I hope I can watch it. :P Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Remembering Sandara with 2ne1

via Months ago, I have shared a video link to new video of Big Bang together 2ne1 - Lollipop. It seems 2ne1 is popular in the office because of Sandara. :P Let me share another video of 2ne1 - I dont' care Posted via web from Elmer's World! 「エルマー の 世界(せかい) ヨ!」

Barenaked Ladies Spoof

via This is a bit old. But I really like this Barnaked Ladies spoof. Posted via web from Elmer's World

Japanese Comedian Got His Testicle Twisted

via This comedy of Yasuda Dai Circus was really funny. But recently, Yasuda Hiromi the one wearing the red cloth was sent to the hospital for an emergency surgery because his testicle got twisted. I am not sure if this stunt made that to him. Posted via web from easegui's posterous

Screaming Contest

In Japan, a school conducted together with the help of local police a screaming contest to teach girls how to drive away a suspicious individual if they meet one. The interesting part is they use a device to measure the decibel level. :P

How To Make Elmer

I was doing my stumble and saw this interesting application in facebook. Link: Do you know how to make Elmer? PREP TIME 12 Min COOK TIME 30 Min READY IN 15 Min INGREDIENTS 2 3/4 cups ambition 1 cup energy 1/2 teaspoon ego DIRECTIONS Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Allow to cool. I never thought I am like a dessert. Anyone want to taste me? I mean Elmer. :P

Why Koreans Don't Have Noble Prize

A Korean explains why they haven't receive a Nobel price. But it seems his reason was way out of focus.

3D Glasses that can turn Conversation to Movie-like Lines

If only I have this 3D glass, maybe it will be interesting to watch people talking. Location: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor .

Kirin Cola Shock

New Kirin's product - Cola Shock. I want to try one. This is a combination of Cola and Vodka. They say it just tastes like Chu High. :P Location:

Mexico Border Wall to Rise

Mexico to build a controversial border wall to keep out Americans Assholes. I can't believe they use the word "Assholes". :P But Speedy Gonzales made me laughing out loud more. Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes

Parking a Bus in a Limited Space

The first time I saw this video, I joined the commentator saying "abunai yo" and "eeeeeee". Due to Japan's limited parking space, this bus company have to think of a way to fully utilize their lot. See how the driver amazingly park the buses. Location: