Movie Review: Full Metal Alchemist (Live-Action)

Finally, I was able to watch the live-action of Full Metal Alchemist. I can say, the visual effects and graphics were well-made. The locations were fitting for the movie. I think the actors who portrayed Lust and Hughes were a close look-alike to the anime. The scene when Nina became a chimaera, I remember it was a very sad episode. I think some scenes lack a believable script and portrayal. Too bad, the civil war was not developed well in this movie. Also, I expected more alchemy and action scenes. Anyway, where is Armstrong? Still, in the end, I enjoyed the movie. I hope they can make it better for the next instalment, if ever.

Merienda: Pancit at Tinapay


The Winter Parking Lot!

The Winter Parking Lot! A post shared by Elmer Segui (@easegui) on Jan 18, 2018 at 2:35pm PST

Merry Christmas in Fredericton 2017!

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2017 Freddy Beach Rib Fest

This was my first time to see a lot of Canadians in Fredericton - I always thought it is a ghost town. I went to see the first night of the Freddy Beach Rib Fest last Thursday. The sun was high and hot, it was a fun night to enjoy the ribs and hear some country music. Too bad it rained all day on the next day, I wanted to go back. So Pikachu is also here in Canada. The Ribs

Movie: Heneral Luna

Got to watch this film before I went home tonight. The cinema was full - mostly students. As a historical film, the movie got my interest on how they will bring the story to life - they did not fail me. Most of the scripts of the characters were natural like in a normal conversation, and poetic when needed. The comedies were nicely thrown as the people loved it with synchronous loud laughters. The dramas were also effective as you will hear dismay and disgust. They have selected good actors and actresses which played the roles well. And lastly the music and special effects were great. I liked the scenes where Antonio Luna played his guitar and his last scene. Overall, it is indeed an epic historical film. It inspires you to love more our freedom, our country - the Philippines and fight for justice. At the same time it makes you think about the past and the future of governments. Do history repeats itself? Hopefully, the teachers give those noisy students an exam about the movie.

Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Saw this chicken inside the freeze and decided to just boil it with sweet chilli sauce. A photo posted by @easegui on May 9, 2015 at 2:51am PDT