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Must Visit Ultraman in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

Our Sensei lives in Ikebukuro, and he always tells to visit there and the Sunshine City. I was doing my nightly stumble, when I saw an interesting place to visit in the Sunshine City. I failed to see Gundam, but maybe Ultraman will be sufficient. Now I have the purpose to visit Ikebukuro. via

Goodbye Crayon Shin-chan

The body of Crayon Shin-chan author was found dead in Gunma prefecture. Sayonara Usui-san. via

Tetsujin in Kobe Almost Finish

After Gundam has been shown in Odaiba, Tetsujin is being constructed in Kobe. Now it is almost complete. The only problem now, I don't have friends in Kobe to show me some pictures of this another giant robot. via

Croc Claws, Is it Good?

via I was doing my daily stumble when I saw this is post from japanator this morning. For me it is just weird to see the skin still attached, but just as the vendor has said, you'll really look cool with it. In case it is remove and not knowing it came from a croc, maybe I can eat it. :P I wonder what does it taste?

Asagohan (Breakfast) Symphony

I saw this youtube video posted on one of the blogs I read. I want to share this cool Asagohan (Breakfast) Symphony. via youtube

My Dream Mobile Phones 2009

Maybe it's time to change the flip style to slide or rotate style of phone. Here are some of my dream mobile phones: Sony Xperia X2 via NEC 931 via Nokia N900 via

Men Sit Down To Pee, Is Unmanly?

I was doing my daily stumble when I saw this article from japanprobe about peeing. One TV station surveyed that more Japanese men have been taking the suwarishon(sitting position) - a combination of suwatte and position during their pee. I don't know if you can measure one's manliness by the position he takes in peeing, but the reason that made them sit is interesting: their mother scold them when they were young. It's a good thing I can target well. :P via japanprobe