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Another Day Lost in Translation

It's been a while.  もう一回、皆さまあけましておめでとうございました! Today, the Big Brother's Band went to the office early to attend the Company's New Year Goals and Policies. Meeting in 日本語 with some English, I have again understood a little of it. よかったな、I will have a re-run of the meeting with my manager after my group mate has arrived from her vacation for better understanding. After the meeting, our GA informed us that we will proceed with our plan to get our alien registration card and open a bank account. She also said that 社長 will be joining us for lunch.  私は「どうして?」と考えました。 Before we left the office, my manager told me that we will have a discussion later. Another encounter that I must prepare my speech. Main Event Part 1 At the train, we received our own sets of 印鑑.  私は嬉しくなりました。My dream of owning a seal has been realized. After visiting the City Hall to get our ARC, 社長 is already at the bank. We exchanged our こんにちは and proceed with opening of account.