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Ang Damo (Grass) in Shin-Yokohama

My friend +Jan Karlo Camero just bought his new camera. Today, we decided to bring our camera and learn some photography techniques during lunch time. Together with +DJ Villanueva we tried exploring Rule of Third in Shin-Yokohama park. Here is a photo of a grass sticking out near the rails. Tomorrow, what technique or theme should we try.

Sea Gull in Otaru

Remembering Hokkaido. This photo was taken near the sea port in Otaru. I think the Gull got tired and just hanging out on the street.

Sapporo TV Tower in Hokkaido

Last February 2011, we went to Sapporo to attend the 雪まつり(Snow Festival). In Odori Park, you will find the Sapporo TV Tower. In it's observation deck, you can watch the festival as a whole.

Sunset View from Fuji TV

From one of the windows of Fuji TV in Odaiba, I tried to take a shot of the Rainbow Bridge and the city structures.

2011's Hanabi in Tamagawa River

The Last Firework Before Autumn! (Huling Hanabi Bago Ang Tag-Lamig!) As the cool winds of Autumn has started, poeple still enjoy the Hanabi at Tamagawa River. The only difference, you can hear some shout "寒い!" [Cold].

Clouds in Tamagawa

Lying down near the Tamagawa River and while waiting for the Hanabi, took a shot of the clouds.