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Takasahi's Human Mystery

At last, I have understood this week's commercial that was being broadcasted every lunchtime in the office. Canon presents Takashi's Human Mystery in Asahi TV. Today I watched this Special Presentation even though I only understand some japanese words. This presentation presented different super senses, as they call it, of a human being. As they present each super senses, the special guests on the show were also tested for this super senses to see if they also got this abilities. So I also took the auditory and visual tests at home thinking that I may have those super senses. My score on the visual test was good. One of the tests was  a spinning ball with numbers on it is going towards you. You need to list the numbers you have seen on it. Another test was, numbers is flashed on screen for a moment. The same with the test before you have to list the numbers. With the auditory test I think that is difficult. Will you be able to know the exact amount of the co