Takasahi's Human Mystery

At last, I have understood this week's commercial that was being broadcasted every lunchtime in the office.

Canon presents Takashi's Human Mystery in Asahi TV.

Today I watched this Special Presentation even though I only understand some japanese words.

This presentation presented different super senses, as they call it, of a human being.

As they present each super senses, the special guests on the show were also tested for this super senses to see if they also got this abilities. So I also took the auditory and visual tests at home thinking that I may have those super senses.

My score on the visual test was good. One of the tests was  a spinning ball with numbers on it is going towards you. You need to list the numbers you have seen on it. Another test was, numbers is flashed on screen for a moment. The same with the test before you have to list the numbers.

With the auditory test I think that is difficult. Will you be able to know the exact amount of the coins which have been dropped on the table? How about differentiating the sounds of musical instruments during a concert?

In the end I have shown some super senses and I believe I have it.

For more information about this Special Presentation:


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