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Grasshopper's Edge of Glory

After hiking to the nearest lift of Tenjin Daira(天神平) in Gunma, my friends and I saw a seat and decided to rest on it. This grasshopper was enjoying it's glory at the edge of the seat.

Another Afternoon in Ginza

After Nihongo class, went to Ginza with friends to eat in Carne Station.

Abandoned Hotel in Minakami, Gunma

Chasing the SL Steam Engine Train in Gunma, we saw this abandoned hotel near Minakami Station in Gunma.

Pepsi Nex + One Piece: 3 out of 6.

It all started from 1000円 to 500円, now it is 300円. Got 3 out of 6 of Pepsi Nex + One Piece collection. I should finish collecting it, then give it to my sister.