Remembering Amazing Twins

I was watching some chinese dramas on the internet and somehow I stumbled upon on a very familiar chinese drama I used to watched. It is the Proud Twins or most popularly known as Amazing Twins in the Philippines. Here is the lyrics of the openning song from that drama.

You Ni De Shi Jie (My World With You) - Jimmy Lin

Sleep till dawn dreaks, we thank that piece of beach land.
yi jiao dao tian liang, wo men gan xie na yi pian sha tan
Road has become wider, we thank that sun that shine far and wide.
lu bian kuan guang, wo men gan xie na yi ke si mian ba fang de tai yang
Don't think of anything else, two persons still have each other's shoulders to overcome sadness.
shen me dou bie xiang, liang ge ren hai you bi ci jian bang ai guo ju sang
Now still heating cold rice, thinking back the taste is even worse.
xian zai zai chao chao leng fan, hui wei qi lai zi wei geng zao gao
Turn, turn, time is in your hands.
zhuan, zhuan, shi jian zai shou shang
Accompany you to explore around.
pei ni qu si chu huang huang
See, see if the beautiful scenery is still well.
kan, kan qian shan wan shui an bu an hao
Finding if the dream we had together is still carved on the tree.
zhao yi zhao yi qi zuo guo de meng shi fou hai ke zai shu shang
With you, the world is no longer the same.
you le ni, shi jie bian de bu yi yang
Love can actually be such a wonderful place.
ai jing ran hui shi zhe zhong hao di fang
What colour is the sky, I don't care about that.
tian kong shi shen me yan se, cai bu zai hu ne
Just gazing at you, I'll have a good view.
wo yi shi zhe ni, jiu you yi pian hao feng guang
Loving you, even fatigue is no longer the same.
ai shang ni, lian pi juan dou bu yi yang
Loneliness and frustrations are all chased away.
gu dan fan zao quan bu bei gan guang guang
What is the temperature of a hug? Asking you who's in my arms, the answer is in your eyes.
yong bao shi shen me wen du? wen huai li de ni, jiu zai ni de yan shen

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