An Encounter with A New Made Friend

When I was in Japan, I made friends with some new faces in the company. Today I saw one of them in the office and an unexpected encounter happened.

This afternoon I scheduled a meeting with my project mates and with a blessing from above I saw her also having a meeting with other people. It was nice to see her here in the Philippines but it will be better if I will have a time to say hi or a hello.

We had our meeting and the break "merienda" time stroke. We have to stop and continue my meeting with another group of people after the break.

Then continuing my meeting with another people, she happenned to pass by. My eyes were catching her but no words came out to say hi. Luckily she turned back and saw me - still no words were coming out from me.

"What are you doing", as I heard she said.

While holding a sandwich, "Ah! Eating my sandwich", I said.

Then, everybody laughed. I thinking seriously - What happened?!

"Nani?Nani?Nani?..Why are you laughing?", as she asked the people who were laughing, While I am still in stunned mode (- don't know what happened).

My friend Jordan explained to her that nothing is wrong with her and told her that its my fault.

After that, she goes back to her meeting and before continuing her meeting, I heard this situation or story being told, which led to more people laughing.

In the end, I still do not know what happened, everything may just be a misunderstanding.


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