24 Things Not To Miss in Tokyo

I bought this book one year ago, when I started having some trips to Tokyo. It is a guide around the places in Tokyo and some customs.

On the first part of the book, it presented 24 things not to miss in Tokyo. Since I will be going back to Tokyo in next year, I need to prepare myself again of what I shall visit. Let's look what I am still missing in the list.
  1. Shinjuku Gyoen - already seen from a building
  2. Yurakucho - not yet
  3. Ghibli Musuem - not yet, it needs some reservation
  4. Asakusa - took picture with the big lantern
  5. Onsen Bath - not yet
  6. Meiji-jingu - seen some japanese weddings
  7. Harajuku - during sundays i take a rest in Yoyogi-koen
  8. Sumo - watched in television
  9. Rikugi-koen - not yet
  10. Tokyo's fireworks (Hanabi) - witnessed last summer 2006
  11. Prada Building - not yet
  12. Kabuki - watched in television
  13. Happoen - not yet
  14. Tsukiji - ate sushi set with Karlo
  15. Hanami parties - not yet, always goes back home before the party
  16. Yanaka - not yet
  17. Roppongi Hills - not yet
  18. Shibuya - my other hang-outs during saturdays
  19. Nikko - went last autumn 2006
  20. Kamakura - not yet
  21. River buses - not yet, but tried some cruise in Odaiba
  22. MeSci - great museum, asimo is dancing in here
  23. Drinking in Shinjuku - not yet
  24. Rainbow Bridge - passed by when riding a limousine bus, watched in odaiba


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