Curfew in the Metro, What shall we do?

Earlier this evening, the Philippine Government announces curfew for the NCR, Region 3 and 4A due to the incident happened this afternoon.

What shall we do? This question made the people in the office got worked out - thinking what will they do if they can't go home by 12.

What I did are emailed my status, shutted down my pc, grabbed my bag and said "let's go to annex and eat".

After eating, I waived them goodbye and headed to the nearest ATM to get my salary for the month. While walking on the Eastwood City Walk, I observed the people seems do not mind about the curfew because more people are crowding in. By the way, ATM lines were long, just an information.

Why are there so many people? Are they not aware of the curfew? -- I was getting tired of answering these questions, but the passing busses were still full, luckily I was able to ride one.

Yehey! The bus dropped me in front of our subdivision. But before going home, I went to the Mercury Drugstore to buy some stuffs. And woh, even this shop is crowded. The people were buying too much stuffs as if there is an occassion to be celebrated.

I'm tired no need to think about them.

What shall you do with this curfew? You may add some follow-up questions like "what shall be the effects of this curfew?" or "what will be the government's next actions?" if you like.

For me, I shall sleep for now and wait for the further developments of this new Political Drama.


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