Student Got Expelled for Bringing a Toy Gnu

Got to do my stumble for the night before I go to sleep.

Today I have read a news about a dyslexic fourth grade Oakville student who got expelled for bringing a toy gnu to school. Since the school has zero tolerance policy they have to expel the student.

An excerpt from the post:

"We're convinced he intended to bring a toy gun." said Meredith Simmons, Principal of Waterbury Elementary. "His reading disability may have confused him about what is prohibited in the policy, but we can't take any chances. That's why it's called zero tolerance."

The expulsion received full approval from the superintendent's office. "We support Principal Simmons' decision." said Milton Decker, Assistant Superintendent. "The toy gnu may seem harmless, but we can't ignore the underlying intent. I seriously doubt any of our students even know what a gnu is."

The post also includes a real toy gnu. For us (software engineers), you should already know what a gnu is. If not, maybe you should start researching about open source.

I feel sad for that kid for being punished because of his disability, but at some point I also think this is just because he should have known what is right.

What do you think?



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