Let's do the manual, Cashier Machine is broke

I always pass by the famous drugstore, which is undergoing some repainting job for the pass weeks now, every night to get something to drink while walking home.

Tonight, the cashier machine was broken. I did not notice it until I queued in the line. The cashier is computing manually all the items bought by the customers. I thought I can still wait since I am the 5th person in line.

After some time, the line seems not to be moving anymore. Why? The price tags are not pasted on the products. Imagine, sales person - include the security guards - shouting to each other the price of the product being computed. This was the scene that took place.

"Ok! Fine", I said to myself and continue to wait for my turn. But I got annoyed when they do shout not knowing the price of the product and look for the price somewhere far - maybe they have a price list in some kind of an office.

This continued on for 15 minutes and the line did not move. In my thought, I was already formulating some troubleshooting techniques so that I can offer my service to fix the machine. Then suddenly, some personnels started shouting that the cashier machine has been fixed. Thank goodness.

Unluckily, before even the total price of the products of the first customer to be computed by the machine it shutdowned again. "Please, find a new machine with quality software people."

Alas! I walked out of the line and bought myself a drink somewhere else.


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