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Movie: Heneral Luna

Got to watch this film before I went home tonight. The cinema was full - mostly students.

As a historical film, the movie got my interest on how they will bring the story to life - they did not fail me. Most of the scripts of the characters were natural like in a normal conversation, and poetic when needed. The comedies were nicely thrown as the people loved it with synchronous loud laughters. The dramas were also effective as you will hear dismay and disgust. They have selected good actors and actresses which played the roles well. And lastly the music and special effects were great. I liked the scenes where Antonio Luna played his guitar and his last scene.

Overall, it is indeed an epic historical film. It inspires you to love more our freedom, our country - the Philippines and fight for justice. At the same time it makes you think about the past and the future of governments. Do history repeats itself?

Hopefully, the teachers give those noisy students an exam about the movie.

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