We were asked to moved to the other room because there will be a meeting. After moving to the other place, I saw that the chairs available there is not enough. So I borrowed a chair. Later, I found out that pencil is nowhere to be found.


ELMER:  Sono  enpitsu wa  dare no desu ka. 
(Whose pencil is that.)

TRICIA:  Akin to ah.

ELMER: Kanina kasi may pencil ako sa table eh.

SENSEI ALFRED:  Dare no enpitsu  desu ka.
(Whose pencil is this.)

Not hearing the voice of my teacher.

ELMER: Patoriko-san, pahiram naman po ng enpitsu.
PATRICK: Ito po.

My teacher asked again.

SENSEI ALFRED:  Dare no enpitsu  desu ka.

ELMER: Watashi no desu. Arigato Gozaimasu.
(It's mine. Thank you very much.)

Class resumed.


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