Lost be upon that coffee shop

This post is not intended to put the products of this coffee shop, with a star on its name, in bad shape but its poor management.

Yesterday, I, with my sisters, met my auntie at this coffee shop at SM Fairview. Since my auntie was still having conversation with her friends, they decided to have some coffee.

They offered us to buy something to drink but I do not drink coffee, so I just bought some food on another store.
After buying the food, we started eating. Suddenly this security guard came out, I do not know where, and told me that we are not allowed to it there. By the way the food I bought was a pizza.

Nobody has ever stopped me from eating another stores' product inside other branches of this coffee shop or any food establishments. I have been humiliated.

So my auntie asked this guard why, and he answered  because they have been issued a memo before. What ??

I would have accepted that it is my fault if before I came in that coffee shop and saw a sign saying "Do not bring food" or "pizza" to be exact. I did not see anything. Maybe it is a popup policy.

Sorry for my mistake for bringing in food in your store  and to assure you it won't happen again, I will never come back to your store. So I will not become a victim again of your popup policies.


Me said…
You're being mean. It's sort of an unwritten rule.

But if your auntie is a paying customer, I agree that he need not humiliate you.
Elmer Segui said…
Thanks Dandreb for your comment. Well if it is an unwritten rule, then maybe they should start offering foods that appeal to a variety of people.

And for additional info., we, (our group) almost occuppied the whole shop.

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