computer science vs. economic poverty

I was browsing for some topics here in multiply and I saw an article on Sir JP's blog about the relation of computer science to economic poverty.

This is my comment posted to his blog:

I think this is dejavu, I have also discussed this with one of my past lunch topics.

You are correct about the "we have the tools to indirectly help them by providing efficient systems on different agencies that will, in effect, help the poor". But surely there will be some blocking on the road.

This is my answer:
Even though I don't believe in the authority concept, the first thing we should do is change the government with Technocrats - not those technology oriented people but those who had direct contact with technology.

I think with these people managing the country, projects will become a reality. Using a concept of Software Engineering in Computer Science, we do not stop until we satisfy the customer, which in this case the people. (Sana hehe.)


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