Yafu 「ヤフー」 is Yahoo

Do you know what Yafu is? Well now I know what Yafu is.

Here is how I learned what Yafu is:

One time when I was riding on a train in Japan with a co-worker, he was telling me the news about Microsoft plans to buy Yafu.

"What is Yafu?", I asked him.

He just answered, "Yafu, don't you know what is Yafu, the search engine".

I am guy who do not want to be labelled as someone who knows less, so I think hard.

Even still not convinced of my answer, I answered proudly, "Is it Yahoo?".

"Yes, yes", he answered while laughing.

Phew. Good grief.

New word learned, Yafu「ヤフー」 is Yahoo.


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