"Dito ako NAKATIRA." (I LIVE here.)

On the gate of our village, I was asked by this security guard.

"Saan po kayo? Sir." (Where are you going? Sir)

I told him my name.

He opened the log book and his action was suggesting that I sign-in.

Confused by his action, I told him straight forward, "Dito ako NAKATIRA." (I LIVE here.) then he was out of words.

As a homeowner in this village, I think we are not obligated to sign-in because we are the one who needed the security, unless we are becoming a threat to our own homes.

Security guards have come and go, but none of them have dared questioning me, only today.

Viewing it on the point of view of security, Yes I think he just did his job. But still, He did not do his assignment very well, which is to know the community he is serving. Too bad for him I only come home at night.

Luckily I was in the calm state, otherwise I may have reported that their quality of service is lousy.


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