New Word: hampas-dagat

On my way home, while watching the Dyesebel (more like a Little Mermaid story) drama in the bus, I have learned a new tagalog word.

hampas-dagat (adjective)
1) it is use to describe a sea creature (e.g. mermaid) which do not have money or power
2) unworthy sea creature

   Isa lamang syang hampas-dagat. [corrected]

Upon hearing of this word, most of the people in the bus repeated this word just like learning in the elementary days. Since people are very creative, some continued to create new words like hampas-bundok, hampas-ilog, etc..

Anyway, I think I will not be able to use this new word because I do not know any sea creature I can talk to, unless some of my friends started to look like one.


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