Count Up #8

I was not really in the genki-state. So I just try to speak or talk when needed. When lunchtime came, I said to my lunchmates as we enter the elevator, "Doko e taberun desu ka?". Our Sensei was with us during that time. Then suddenly he spoke up, "Doko DE taberun desu ka?" Everyone was laughing and I just corrected my statement. After that I tried not speak in Nihongo for a while.

After lunchtime, Em asked me, "Genki desu ka?". I answered "Genki ja nai. Demo daijoubu." Then I became genki for the a while. :P

This was also the day Em celebrated her birthday. Mostly people in the office were teasing her to treat everyone for a snack. And she did. Thank you for the ice creams.

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